Welcome to our EXPERT WEBINAR on “Compliance & Integrity in Russia – Untapped Potential or Sleeping Giant” where our expert trainer ANATOLY YAKOREV will provide you with comprehensive and most updated tools, knowledge and insider information on Compliance & Integrity in Russia!


Online Webinar | 15-JULY-2020 | 1600-1730 CEST


“Compliance & Integrity in Russia – Untapped Potential or Sleeping Giant”

  • Quick peek into Business Ethics development in Russia over the past 20 years
  • Brief overview of underlying elements of Business Ethics in Russia and related political developments
  • Lessons drawn for over a decade of trying to embed ethics in the corporate context for companies in Russia
  • Hybrid Ethics and Compliance in Russia: what can corporations do? How can one localize Ethics & Compliance to be effective and successful? How is it best to combine all elements that resonate and save resources on those that don’t?
  • Best practice and tools to incorporate business ethics, where compliance fails
  • Why sound ethics is key and the lack of it can destroy a company in Russia quicker than anywhere else?
  • Examples of establishing the rule of ethics and how to sell ethics to the Board in Russia and employees: the opinion of someone who has tried it all in different industries


  • Regional Compliance / Integrity / Ethics Officers in Russia
  • Invesotrs in Russia / people doing business in Russia
  • Lawyers / consultants
  • Scientists / academia
  • Any other persons interested how to make clean business in Russia


Anatoly Yakorev

Director at Center for Business Ethics & Compliance

Director, Center for Business Ethics & Compliance (CBEC) and as a strategic partner for Global Ethics Solutions (GES) (USA) to promote ethics training to further enhance compliance programs. Anatoly spent 25 years in the Russian energy sector (Amoco, BP) and his last project in 2016 was aimed at developing a compliance function at Russian oil companies. In 2010 he launched first ever in Russia Collective Action “Russian Energy Compliance Alliance” (RECA) that brought together multinational and Russian companies in the energy area to promote transparency in their supply chain. In 2012 he launched another Collective Action “World without Corruption” (for Russian NGO Committee for Fighting Corruption). As Steering Committee member he led the development of the Anti-corruption Charter for Russian business as the Russian Chamber of Commerce compliance expert (2014-2016). He served as Board member (2014-2016) at Russia’s RGS bank which was one of the top 20 banks on the credit card market. In 2015 as the Council of Europe expert on good governance he produced recommendations for Russia’s Business Ombudsman. He published his case study and research on compliance in Business Compliance magazines in EU. He was mentioned by Forbes as one of the leaders on ethics Oct. 14, 2019. Since March 2020, he was appointed Director of Institute of International Cooperation, Compliance and Business Protection in Russia to ensure holistic protection of investors in Russia and compliance with applicable international and Russian anti-corruption provisions.


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