Inhouse Trainings

In order to meet the diverse needs of organisations, we offer in-house trainings tailored to your individual expectations. We train representatives of public institutions, large, medium and small companies. Our Clients work for central offices and concerns: both those with Polish and international capital.

We are able to offer you custom-made trainings on compliance and related topics, as well as trainings pertaining to the specific nature of conducting business activity in Poland – the largest Central and Eastern European market.

The basic benefits of our trainings include:

  • comprehensive preliminary talks with our experts to decide on the contents of the training;
  • personalised training concept and individual method choice (workshop, practical training etc.);
  • the entire organisational burden of the training is handled by our team;
  • personalised content and training programme tailored to the Clients’ specific questions;
  • trainings conducted by distinguished experts in specific areas of compliance;
  • access to comprehensive training materials and equipment (notebooks, pens, etc.);
  • a possibility of individual price negotiations based on the site of the trainings, the number of participants, and other factors;
  • a certificate of completion of a compliance training for each participant;
  • course evaluation system;
  • a possibility of continuing the tailor-made training.

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