Virtual Trainings

The Institute of Compliance, as the only institution of its kind, offers a wide variety of compliance trainings for persons involved in compliance management, regardless of which industry sector their company operates in. Our trainings are characterised by the highest quality and interdisciplinary approach. We offer trainings in a modular concept, combining the necessary practical and academic knowledge.

In the time of Coronavirus we deliver our trainings into your home offices. Our software enable to create an almost real face-to-face training, where the Trainer presents live his presentation, discuss with the participants, asnwers their questions and more! Contact us for more details! We can deliver trainings on any subject to any palce of the world!

Personal Certification

The compliance risk is ever-changing. As proven by real life cases, the profession of a compliance officer requires constant training to be able to face the changing compliance challenges. It is precisely why our watchword is a quote by Philip Rosenthal: “He who stops being better, stops being good”. The Institute of Compliance offers three types of certification courses, which will make you a professional compliance practitioner, aware of the current compliance risks and  the newest compliance management techniques.

The Institute of Compliance offers the following certificates:

  • The Approved Compliance Officer certificate (ACO) – certifies that the holder possesses knowledge and skills in the areas of implementation and management of an effective compliance system.
  • The Approved Financial Compliance Officer certificate (AFCO) – intended for compliance officers working in banking and insurance industries.
  • The Approved Compliance Expert certificate (ACE) – certifies that the holder possesses the current knowledge of the changing compliance risk, necessary to perform the profession of a compliance officer.