AML Challenges


Welcome to our EXPERT WEBINAR on CURRENT CHALLENGES FOR ANTI-MONEY LAUNDERING where our expert trainer GEERT DELRUE will provide you with comprehensive and most updated tools, knowledge and insider information on anit-money laundering!




Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism are like the two sides of a coin. Both terms are mostly mentioned together. But what is their relation, what are the differences and the similarities. Both are involved in “money” and in “transferring” and “moving” money. But both are disruptive in our society and in our financial and commercial environment. Though both are very difficult to detect, there are some signs, say “typologies” which are characteristic. There are hundreds of such “typologies” or “techniques” which are being used to launder money and finance terrorism. It is therefore a must to bring some order in these typologies and make categories. What are now these “categories”? First of all we should make a difference between two parts in the world: the “financially included part” and the “financially excluded part” of the world. Both parts have their own particular way of moving money and thus of laundering of money and financing of terrorism. This presentation will try to make this differentiation of money laundering typologies and financing of terrorism typologies. Another important issue in money launder and financing of terrorism is : what is the origin of the funds and how are these funds being moved in order to mislead the authorities. A short analysis will be made of the different types of crime which are producing the illegal proceeds that are being laundered and that are being used to finance terrorism. As an example three types of organized financial crime will be discussed which are blockbusters at the actual time. Furthermore the AML-reporting and investigating track will be handled. At the end of the presentation one will be able to understand the process of ML/FT and to discuss the most important AML/CFT-typologies.


  • Anti-Money Laundering Officers
  • Compliance Officers
  • Lawyers
  • Scientists
  • Any other persons interested in AML issues



Geert DELRUE graduated from the Catholic University of Leuven on August 29, 1982 where he obtained his master’s degree in criminology. As a Belgian law enforcement officer, with thirty five years of experience, he is attached to the economic financial crime department, where he handles investigations about money laundering, financing of terrorism, cybercrime, tax fraud. During his career he published several police manuals, for special types of financial investigations in Dutch, French and English, such as: ‘Vademecum for investigations related to financial and economic offences’, Criminal bankruptcy, Tax fraud, Forgery, Fraudulent organization of insolvency, Theft of inheritance goods, Swindle and abuse of confidence, …). In 2014 he wrote a book about fighting Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism (in Dutch – 3rd edition and in French – 2nd edition, 650 pages). In 2018 he rewrote his first book (2002) about financial investigations in Dutch: ‘Financieel rechercheren’ and in French “Rechercher en matière financière”. Last publications are about Criminal Bankruptcy in Dutch and French (release 2019-2020). He is also a regular guest speaker at different international conferences (Amsterdam, London, Paris, Casablanca, … and in Kosovo, Serbia, ….for ACAMS, Marketforce, C5, BAE Systems, ….) about organized financial crime, especially about Anti Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism. He also teaches at different Belgian universities (ULG, ULB and UCL) and foreign universities (Cergy-Pontoise-Paris, Nice Antipolis – Nice, University Hassan II – Casablanca-Morocco, Viadrina University – Germany, University of Mykolo Rumerio – Vilnius-Lithuania, Strasbourg University (CEFAC), …). Further on he does trainings about financial and economic crime investigations, Money laundering and Financing of Terrorism for the European Commission (TAIEX), the European Council (COE) and the United Nations (IOM).


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